Monday, October 10, 2011

Florida Sea Grant Job Opportunity

Florida Sea Grant is searching for a full-time Sea Level Rise Outreach and Training Coordinator. They are looking for a highly motivated person to lead a program focused on effects of sea level rise on coastal natural resources.

If a prospective applicant goes here:

Use Requisition No. 0809463.

Or, then can click on ‘staff positions’ in the blue box to the lower right.

Then scroll down the list of open jobs to ‘sea level rise coordinator’ and click on it.
This position is funded by a grant from the State of Florida for two years, however, we anticipate that it may be renewed on a biennial basis if the person is successful in developing and implementing a highly relevant program. The position location is at the FWC headquarters in Tallahassee, FL.


Karl E. Havens, Director and Professor
Florida Sea Grant, University of Florida
803 McCarty Drive, Gainesville, FL 32611
Office Phone: (352) 392-5870
Cell Phone: (352) 284-8558