Friday, August 26, 2011

Sea Tow in Port Canaveral Launches an Automatic Radio Check Service

In latest issue of Citizens for Florida's Waterways newsletter there is an article about Sea Tow in Port Canaveral announcing a public service for boaters in Brevard County. Boaters can now conduct automated radio checks anytime on VHF channel 26 in northern Brevard and channel 27 in southern Brevard. This service does not require the response of other boaters in order to work nor does it require any type of special equipment.

To conduct an automated radio check, turn a VHF radio to channel 26 or 27 (depending on where you are in the county waterways), key the mic, and ask for a radio check. The system will respond with an automated reply and replay your original radio transmission, letting you know how well your radio is working.

This is a wonderful service especially since most boaters do radio checks on channel 16, which is the hailing and distress channel and usually leads to Coast Guard reminding boaters that checks are an improper use of the channel. The automated radio check system will reduce radio checks done on channel 16 and, overall, encourage safe boating in our waterways. The antenna hosting this service is located at Port Canaveral Marine in Port Canaveral and Captain Butcher's in Sebastian.