Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Southeast Herbicide Applicator Conference

The Southeast Herbicide Applicator Conference is from October 3-5, 2011 at the Edgewater Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, FL. Early registration deadline is August 8th and hotel reservation deadline is September 2nd. Visit for more information.

The Southeast Herbicide Applicator Conference brings together more than 175 applicators, educators, and industry representatives to learn new techniques and refresh core competencies in aquatic and upland weed control.   This course focuses on invasive and exotic species affecting the Southeast and provides many networking opportunities so that participants may share field experiences and lessons learned.

The conference is generally divided into two types of sessions.  General sessions which cover CORE standards and concurrent sessions on Aquatics and Right-of-Ways & Natural Areas.  Participants have the flexibility to determine which sessions best help them reach their CEU credit quotas as credits are distributed after each session, rather than at the end of the conference.

You will benefit by attending this program if you:
  •  Need CEUs for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, or South Carolina Applicator Licenses.

  • Need Pesticide Applicator CEUs for categories such as:
        - Aquatic
        - Right-of-Way
        - Natural Areas
        - Forestry
        - Private
        - General Standards (CORE)    

  • Conduct weed control in canals, lakes, water retention ponds, golf course ponds, rivers, parks, highway rights-of-ways, transmission lines.

  • Are employed by a public agency or private company which is responsible for vegetation management along right-of- ways and in natural areas.

  • Are an employee of a basic manufacturer or a distributor that markets aquatic or vegetation management herbicides.

  • Use biological control techniques to suppress aquatic weed growth.

  • Establish and maintain wetland mitigation areas.