Friday, April 29, 2011

Florida Extension Long Range Plan

About the Plan

  • What? 
    The Florida Cooperative Extension System is conducting a planning process that will shape Extension programs in Florida for the next decade. This joint effort of UF and FAMU will allow us to have a clear path of action as an educational organization to support Florida's economy, environment, and people that is relevant and flexible to meet the changing needs of Florida's communities.
  • Why? 
    Three key reasons:
    • 1. It has been several years since we had a comprehensive long range planning effort and much has changed in Florida. When we consider our budget situation, advancements in technology and emerging issues, it is critical we reexamine our programmatic priorities and teaching strategies.
    • 2. The outcome will guide resource allocation within Extension in the future.
    • 3. This is an opportunity to forge new partnerships in support of our programs.
  • How?
    Listening will be at the core of Extension's long range planning effort. Extension seeks to acquire diverse viewpoints regarding the future of Florida through listening sessions, interviews, focus groups and surveys, with faculty, community leaders, local government, business, industry/trade associations, state agencies, health care providers, educators, citizens, etc.
    After much discussion and analysis, Florida Extension will formulate a statewide plan that reflects the educational priorities and future directions identified during the planning process.
    Implementation of the plan will begin with the formation of interdisciplinary faculty teams to support programmatic priorities. These teams will provide leadership to identify appropriate teaching approaches, educational content/materials, and outcome/impact measures for the organization.

    What can you do to help?
    We invite you to participate in our  Community Input Survey as a way to give your opinions about certain issues that may impact these decisions.  The focus of this survey is your own community – where you live, shop, work and play. 
    The survey runs April 1 through August 19, 2011.  The results of the survey will be available on late in the year.
    Please share this survey link with your family, friends, and coworkers.  We look forward to hearing from all of you.