Monday, July 12, 2010

Governor Charlie Crist Calls for Special Session on Oil Drilling

Governor Charlie Crist is calling for a Special Session from July 20th-23rd to put a constitutional ban on the exploration and drilling for oil in Florida waters on the November ballot. State law has prohibited drilling in state waters (3-10 miles of the coast) since 1990 but there have been efforts in the past couple of years to lift the ban. The proposal by Governor Crist would put the ban in the Florida constitution, which would mean only voters could change. Ballots for the November election are scheduled to be printed in early August so Governor Crist is calling this special session now so the proposed revision can be placed on the ballot. Contact your Florida Senator and House Representatives for your district to tell them how you feel about this proposed revision and whether you want to see it on the November ballot. You can find them at the FL House Website or the FL Senate Website.